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Fashion Show 2023
Artells Magazine Presents London Fashion Week Review 2023
The past London Fashion Week was incredibly vibrant and inspiring, showcasing the best trends for the upcoming season and attracting the attention of fashion critics from all over the world. London, as always, served as a platform for experimentation and innovative solutions in the world of fashion.
The Brunello Cucinelli show in Milan
The Brunello Cucinelli show in Milan was an unforgettable event that attracted fashion enthusiasts from around the world. Brunello Cucinelli himself added a special significance and intimacy to the occasion, creating a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. The show featured energetic music and captivating performances, adding to its uniqueness.
Sergio Rossi: Luxury Shoes Made in Italy
Sergio Rossi, the renowned Italian luxury footwear brand, showcased its latest collection at Milan Fashion Week, impressing both fashion critics and attendees. The presentation took place at the Hotel Principe di Savoia, where the Sergio Rossi team decided to deviate from traditional runway standards. Instead, they opted to display their footwear on transparent columns placed in the pool, allowing guests to carefully examine the details.
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